Tuesday, April 9, 2013

L'Oreal BB Cream

Magic Skin Beautifier B…                        

I have been seeing a ton of ads and commercials for "BB Cream." I am still not 100% sure what "BB Cream" even really means, but I know I love L'Oreal's version of it!

I had a bare face the day my L'Oreal BB cream (shade: Medium) arrived in the mail so I was stoked to try it out immediately. Wow! I normally do not say that about cosmetics. In my opinion, most of the drugstore brands are about equal in quality and only differ in price.

When you first squeeze the cream out of the tube it is white and there are speckles in it. Kind of like melted vanilla bean ice cream. Weird description I know - get over it. ;) I was very hesitant to slather a bunch of this on my face and thought I'd look crazy. Surprisingly, I dabbed some on and it almost instantly blended into my skin.

I have now been using the same tube almost daily for the past two months and I still am loving it! I ran out of concealer and haven't even been back to the store to buy some because this skin perfecting cream has been a great subsittute.

On really busy mornings, I know I can have at least a minute to apply some of this cream on my face, a touch of gloss, and I at least look presentable! I am very fortunate to have good skin but have started to develop some sun spots on my cheeks and I have always battled dark undereye circles. This cream has helped these two problems dramatically.

Finally, the cream is SO light you wouldn't even know you were wearing it. I think it is a reasonably priced product and something you can find at the local drugstore. Check it out next time you run out of primer, concealer, or foundation...this could replace all of those!

I received this product for free from She Speaks.


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